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“The difference between a tourist and a traveler is that a tourist seeks only comfort while a traveler seeks discovery.”

A few days ago I saw the above quote on the profile of a fellow Miami couch surfer – unattributed – but I immediately recognized it as the words of writer and solo traveler Lea Lane.

I am no travel snob. I respect anyone who travels, be it seeking out creature comforts or roughing it. But by Lane’s definition, I aim to be a traveler, to discover, to connect with people.

Since I returned to Miami, I have been discovering new things about a city that I called home for at least a decade. I’ve been traveling, meeting new people, discovering things about Miami and about me. Proof you don’t have to travel far to find your soul. Lots of time to think, lots of time to discover, even in urbane Miami. Go out and discover.

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