About Mike

I am Michael Ottey, an American journalist on a journey.

I have worked for several major news outlets in the United States and abroad over a period of years.  I am currently the assignment editor for National/Foreign news at the Los Angeles Times. I was also foreign correspondent and assistant world editor at The Miami Herald.  

I am from the Empire State – the great state of New York  – but I now live in the Golden State – California. I have lived in too many other states to list them all here. Call me crazy, but yes, I have set out on a nomadic trek around the world. I have traveled to more than 100 countries and all 50 U.S. states.

I spent more than a year traveling across South America by road and did the same over a two-year period in Europe. Then I embarked on a journey across Asia.

Follow me on Twitter @mtendstotravel and on Instagram. Much more about me regarding travel I put on my travel page on Facebook, follow my adventures there as well. LIKE the page to follow.

I am also on  LinkedIn. 

Here is one of several reports I did on National Public Radio during my stint as a foreign correspondent.

Here’s another one.

You can check out my live streams on Periscope and I also have a YouTube channel.

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