Speedboat Or Sailboat?

Given the choice, would you choose a boat that gives you a rush, a thrill, a lot of quick excitement, or a boat that drifts with the wind, gives you a sense of calm and inner peace?

For me it depends on the time and place, even the day of the week. I love excitement, fun, having a good time with abandon. But nothing beats serenity, being in a state of relaxation, all the world’s chaos left far behind. Getting out into nature does the trick: A nice hike, a campsite, the beauty.

It comes down to joy: there’s inner joy which you don’t necessarily put on full blast for the world to see, it’s in your heart and mind, and there’s outer joy that you show to the world and all perceive as happiness. It not always is.

Given the choice, I’ll always choose the sailboat, for in it lies true joy, inner peace. If you’ve been on a sailboat you know what I’m talking about. Turn off the motor, raise the sails, and it’s just you, the wind and the sea.

Always nice to slow down

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2 thoughts on “Speedboat Or Sailboat?

  1. nice

  2. Thelma Astralia Akbar

    Excellent comparison. I love and agree with both assessments. Enjoy, Mike.

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