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Lost Of His Kind

Lost Of His Kind

Lonesome George, gone but soon forgotten?

For years, his species was thought to be extinct. Then on Pinta Island in the island chain of Galapagos, there he was, roaming the place alone.
Scientist immediately identified him as a Pinta Island Tortoise, and searched the island for more. Sadly, he was the only one, a male who came to be known as Lonesome George.
On Sunday, June 24, 2012, after more than 100 years on this Earth, Lonesome George died. He was found dead by his keeper, the very same man who discovered him on Pinta Island in 1972. Lonesome George lived at the Charles Darwin Research Station, where he spent his days in a pen.
Travelers from around the world by the thousands would flock to Galapagos to have a look at George. I was fortunate to be among them last summer when I visited the Galapagos, hands down one of my favorite places on Earth.
George’s death, which was announced by the research center on Twitter, shocked the nation of Ecuador, despite his advanced years – more than 100. News of his death slowly trickled out from the island. I learned about his death through Facebook postings from friends in Ecuador and Galapagos itselt. Certainly it’s a lost for the country, but it’s a bigger loss for humankind, as another animal species has gone extinct.
Sadly, there will never be another Lonesome George.

Oh, but if only…

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Mating Dance

I was walking along a trail on the island of Seymour in the Galapagos, where there are a variety of species of marine birds, including the very large frigates and my favorite, the blue-footed boobie. Then these two birds suddenly landed on the trail and a mating ritual – the dance by the male to impress the larger female – began. The male, in addition to spreading his wings, lets out a loud whistle. The female just stands there as if saying “impress me”. In this instance, the female walked away, not interested. Oh well, try again with another hottie, dude! 🙂

By the way, the camera work is a bit shaky because there are birds flying over and some of them swoop down pretty close. As I was shooting this video, a frigate – the ones with the large red pouch – flew by and startled me a bit. 🙂

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Galapagos Wildlife II: Seymour Island

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