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Switzerland: Water, Water Everywhere!

Water fountain in Bern

Water fountain in Bern

Don’t try this any place else in the world,

but in Switzerland you can drink the water flowing from those fancy, artsy, grand and beautiful fountains that are usually found in many squares or areas where people congregate.

Unless there’s a sign that says not for drinking, the water is safe to drink.

Its source is usually the Swiss Alps – the source of much of the expensive bottled water around the world – or some other pristine body of water, which Switzerland has plenty of.

And certainly it’s probably of better quality than that bottled water you just bought from a store. (Unless, of course, you bought it in Switzerland, in which case you are likely drinking the same water flowing from one of those fountains, except you just paid good money for it).

So there’s no sense in buying water when you come to Switzerland. Just carry your empty water bottle and fill up at will. It’s free and it’s very good.


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Water And Laser Show

If you come to Lima, Peru, you must visit Parque De Las Aguas. It’s a beautiful park with dozens of spectacular water fountains that delight visitors with creative displays of water and light set to music. The highlight is a phenomenal water and laser show choreographed to music. I was treated to the show by friends of my friend Marco and was so blown away by it I returned the following night with some new friends I met in Lima, Fabio and Regina of Sao Paolo, Brazil. The second time around I filmed the entire show. Although my camera does not do this entertaining event justice, hopefully it gives you some idea of what it’s all about. Enjoy!



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