Plane-Spotting in Los Angeles

Los Angeles International Airport

On a grassy area in the Westchester neighborhood of Los Angeles, near one of the runways of Los Angeles International Airport, easily hundreds of people gather daily to watch planes land. Not sure you can call it a hobby or entertainment, but plane-spotting is a thing. Some people are just fascinated by airplanes. I confess, I’m one of them.

I went to this location to get a close-up glimpse of planes from all over the world arriving at LAX. Some of the planes are literally right over your head and flying low on approach. This is how some people spend their mornings or afternoons: plane-spotting. Here’s my video compilation of some of the planes I saw.

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In Plain Site: Bishop’s House

You can’t miss this building in Portland, and yet you can.

This is Bishop’s House, located in Downtown Portland. It’s 142 years old, completed in 1879. It was the official residence of Archbishop William Hinckley Gross, after the Roman Catholic Archdiocese moved from Oregon City to Portland.

 Hinckley, who also served as the Bishop of Savannah, Georgia, died in 1898 at age 61, in Baltimore, Maryland, where  he was born and laid to rest.

 A marvelous cathedral once stood next to Bishop’s House, but it was demolished after a much larger cathedral was built elsewhere in the city in 1885 to accommodate Portland’s growing population. 

Bishop’s House has undergone some renovation but it has held on to its Gothic architectural style and original bones. Notice the cross? The building’s facade holds other tell tale signs that signal this was a building tied to the church. 

In 1974, Bishop’s House was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Today, it is occupied by a Lebanese restaurant on the ground floor, offices and a startup above. It is one of those buildings in Portland that easily goes unnoticed, if you don’t stop to smell the City of Roses. 

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Seattle’s Post Alley Gum Wall

A sticky situation

When did this become a thing?

Several cities around the world now have a wall where you are encouraged to stick your spent chewing gum. Everybody agrees that it’s gross. At least that’s what they say.

And yet, they flock to these walls for photos they happily post on social media. Besides “gross”, the word “germs” is most often heard.

Some wonder if the gum is ever scraped off. Probably not. Or at least not for a long time, as you can spot the sticky stuff that has been there for quite sometime.

Some go as far as posting the date (gum wrapper or plain paper) when they stuck their gum to the wall. Anyway, here we are.

Seattle’s gum wall is located in the Pike Place Market area in Post Alley. A set of steps near the Pike Place Fish Company — the fish market where fish fly — will lead you there. It sometimes gets crowded there.

Be careful not to accidentally shoved into the wall.

Cool or gross?
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