I Hear A Freight Train, Ah Coming…

A front row seathttps://youtu.be/hIiw8rwnATI

In cities across the United States, passenger and freight trains crisscross local roads, at all hours of the day in some places. While spending a part of my summer in Portland, Oregon, I’ve chosen an Airbnb in a section of town with its share of trains. Known as the Pearl District, it’s a section of town teeming with shops, restaurants, bars and generally venues that focus on relaxation and fun, day or night.

The Pearl is also heaven for trainspotters. Wait a few minutes and a train — particularly a freight train — will happen by. I absolutely love trains. I could sit and watch them all day — but better to be on them on my way to somewhere than to be sitting in my car waiting for them to allow me to continue on my way. 😁

The Steel Bridge in Portland, Oregon, on which trains cross the Willamette River.

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