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Seattle’s Post Alley Gum Wall

A sticky situation

When did this become a thing?

Several cities around the world now have a wall where you are encouraged to stick your spent chewing gum. Everybody agrees that it’s gross. At least that’s what they say.

And yet, they flock to these walls for photos they happily post on social media. Besides “gross”, the word “germs” is most often heard.

Some wonder if the gum is ever scraped off. Probably not. Or at least not for a long time, as you can spot the sticky stuff that has been there for quite sometime.

Some go as far as posting the date (gum wrapper or plain paper) when they stuck their gum to the wall. Anyway, here we are.

Seattle’s gum wall is located in the Pike Place Market area in Post Alley. A set of steps near the Pike Place Fish Company — the fish market where fish fly — will lead you there. It sometimes gets crowded there.

Be careful not to accidentally shoved into the wall.

Cool or gross?
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