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Temple of Heaven


The Temple of Heaven in Beijing, China, dates back to 1420. It is one of many UNESCO World Heritage sites in China. I have made several visits to this temple and the grounds, which is a huge space that has been used as a park with the demise of the imperials in 1911.

Emperors would travel from the Forbidden City to the Temple of Heaven to fast, sacrifice and pray for a good harvest. As long as your subjects have full bellies they were happy and thus not thinking about storming the castle with torches. In the world of modern-day politics, isn’t that true today? The people have jobs, have a roof over their heads and food on the table they keep the leaders in power. Usually.

The Temple of Heaven is definitely worth a visit if you come to China. It’s one of the largest wooden and circular temples in China and one built without nails. Try to go in early spring or after early autumn to avoid the immense crowds. The entrance fee is also reduced for low season.


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