China: Hutong Cooking

It was a lovely day in April, so why not go get lost in the seemingly unending network of hutongs – the traditional Chinese neighborhoods – in Beijing, China. As I strolled through these labyrinths of narrow streets and alleys with their hidden courtyards surrounded by apartments, it was evident that food was central to life here. No need to travel far eat. On just about every street corner in this neighborhood, there was cooking on the streets, even at restaurants, the kitchens were essentially outside, enticing would-be diners.

Here, fried dough and steam buns stuffed with pork and spices. Like so many places around the world, China is all about food. Eating is central to everything families do, an activity that bonds people. “Family style” eating has been part of Chinese culture for centuries. Lots of dishes come out and everybody shares.

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  1. Hi Mike, really enjoy your periscopes. Always wanted to go to China thanks for the share. We are the #DUCKCREW I sent you a message tweet, our community is growing

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