China – A New Continent, A New Adventure

The East River and the Brooklyn Bridge from the rather unusually serene Brooklyn Promenade. Beijing awaits with equal serenity?

The East River and the Brooklyn Bridge from the unusually serene Brooklyn Promenade. Beijing awaits with equal serenity?

So now…

I am going to China – for at least one year.

I am returning to my journalism roots. I have accepted an editing job with the English-language China Daily in Beijing. The gig is under a one-year renewable contract, which means that at the end of the year I could sign on for another year, if it pleases my Chinese employers  and it’s what I want. That’s far in the future. For now, I will focus on the year ahead.

I expect China to amuse and trouble. It’s that sort of country. But of course it’s hard to predict how any given country will turn out for any given expat. There are always unexpected twists and turns, and surprises.

I’ve been to China once before. it was back in the mid 1990’s. So I have some sense of the country.

But visiting for a few weeks versus moving into an apartment and becoming a full-time resident are two different things. During my first visit, I stayed in a nice hotel that catered exclusively to foreigners, largely journalists. This time around I will be living in a neighborhood with Chinese people, not just foreigners.

My presence in the neighborhood and interaction with neighbors should be interesting, to say the least.

For now…

I am in New York City, just taking it easy after a long trek across Europe. Europe was quite a run.  I learned so much. And I’m still not done.

Sometime after Asia and Australia I hope to return to Europe to fully experience Eastern Europe, most of which I am yet to see. So many places and so little time.

So stay tuned my friends, and hang on for this ride into cultural differences highly likely elevated to absurd levels by language barriers (I do not speak Chinese, but I am teaching myself survival phrases).

It all promises to be an adventure to remember. 


Just me

Just me


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One thought on “China – A New Continent, A New Adventure

  1. What a fantastic opportunity. I hope you soak in China (minus the air pollution 😉 ). I will be eagerly following your journey of this land of a great civilization. Well wishes and peace be with you on year ahead! HybridLiving.

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