A Street Performer Gets Ready

In Seville, Spain, I sat just across the street and watched this street performer get ready in plain view for her act: becoming a water fountain sculpture.

This woman who parks herself near the Triana Bridge, grabs a lot of attention because of how elaborate her costume appears to be. Water is pumped from under her garment as she sits still for hours, moving only when someone gives her money.

There are dozens of street performers around the world and I have noticed a trend to make their get up more complex, more involved and more interesting and attention-grabbing as the public grows more accustomed to seeing people who turn themselves into human sculptures. It is safe to say the trend has lost some of its appeal. So these human sculptures have to give the public something more to get attention and get more in the way of loose change. Simply sitting or standing motionless does not seem to cut it any more.



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