Real Football In Europe

Real Football In Europe

There is an actual American football league in Poland.

I had heard about this months ago and sort of filed it in the back of my brain. But after I met one of the players of one of the teams – the Warsaw Spartans – I decided to check out a game. I caught the match between two other Warsaw teams – the Crusaders and Eagles. I attended the game with two Polish women who don’t know anything about American football and I tried to explain the rules as we watched. They were not quite impressed with the sport and we decided to leave at half time. As of this writing, I don’t know who won, but the Crusaders were dominating. I will return soon to watch another match and hopefully stick around to the end.

I hadn’t seen a live American football game in quite sometime. The Polish version was far more subdued, with fewer fans and in a much smaller venue – a university field. But the fans were every bit enthusiastic.

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