Along The Journey, A Sharp Curve

UPDATE: The tests say -nothing to worry about!!! – all clear!!! 🙂

Ever feel you’re not fully in control of your destiny?

I’ve  been feeling that way lately with some unwelcome news from my doctor. Whether the news is serious or absolutely nothing is still to be determined.

Emerging on South Beach

The news I received? X-rays have confirmed that there’s a suspicious spot on my left lung. Whether or not this blotch is malignant or benign, I won’t know until more tests. First up, a CT scan.

So with that phone call from my doctor’s office last week, my mega road trip around the world has screeched into park. No Europe. No Asia. No Africa. No new adventures. That is, none beyond trips to the hospital.

When I received this news, I was composed for a few moments, until I started to talk about it with a friend. Then I lost it. Natural human response to such news, she told me. And while I have lost some sleep over it, for the most part I’ve not allowed it to turn me into a complete basket case. What’s the point in that?

So I will wait to see what’s around the bend in that curve. I will hang on tight as I negotiate this potentially tough curve. I will try not to speed.

And so for those in Miami Beach, where I am currently house-sitting, slow down with me and let’s have a beer sometime. For those farther away, I’ll take the power of prayer, if that’s what you believe in, or just send some positive energy into the universe. It would be much appreciated.

Onward I go. This is some trip, huh?

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3 thoughts on “Along The Journey, A Sharp Curve

  1. Ch

    Michael, I send you a lot of love and strength. May the knot be a nothing – or let your positive energy blow it away! Love

  2. Osman David Mat

    BRO … Whatever it takes, you know you got it from me !!!!

  3. Bro, you know you are in my thoughts.

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