7 Billion Served

By the year 2020, 7.7 billion. By 2030, 8.3 billion. By 2040, 8.9 billion. By 2050, 9.3 billion.

 Woke up this morning to the news that Planet Earth is now 7 billion people strong. Across the planet, countries held celebrations led by the United Nations. A girl born in the Philippines was designated as the 7 billionth baby and showered with gifts. Demographers say the world’s population would reach 7 billion by the end of October, but Monday was chosen as the symbolic day of that milestone because they weren’t exactly sure when or where the 7 billionth baby would be born. Although birth rates have dropped in 75 countries across the world, the world’s population is still expected to increase further by more than 2 billion in the next four decades.

What do you think? This is a good thing or cause for celebration or concern for the planet and its precious resources? Participate in the poll below. Also, feel free to comment and subscribe to the blog.

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2 thoughts on “7 Billion Served

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  2. Debbie

    It’s economics 101. Too many people chasing too few goods (natural resources, jobs) = inflation. Also, world hunger, increased chance for disease, homelessness, crime.

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