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Sixteenth Hour

Still on the bus. Six more hours to go. We just stopped in a town called Abancay. We are at the bus terminal for a routine stop. I must say I’m not feeling 100 percent myself. Sinus issues coupled with the high altitude made for restless sleep. When I get to Cuzco I will try to get some real rest.
All and all, it’s still been an amazing journey crossing the Peruvian Andes. I lived in the Pacific Northwest of the United States for many years so I am not entirely unaccustomed to mountain ranges. But these Andes Mountains have been touched by the hands of God – or a higher power – if you prefer. Sitting on a hulking powerful bus and feeling it struggle to get to the top and squeeze through narrow passages is breathtaking. All the while your ears pop with the ascent and you struggle to catch your breath. I am now used to the altitude but every now and then the mountain tells me don’t get so cocky.
Last night a young woman on the bus was having a pretty rough time with the altitude. She was in tears. The bus attendant and some other passengers tried to comfort her. Not much you can do in the middle of nowhere. Tea – specifically coca tea – they say helps.
At this very moment we are back on the road. Making our way through snowcapped peaks. There is an amazing blue sky. A guy on the bus is listening to his iPod and singing out loud and very badly. Sounds like a dying crow. Twenty-two hour bus trips bring out the best and worst in us. Hey, I will take the off key singer anyday over the phone yapper.
By the way, I’m filing these on my BlackBerry. Not easy on the fingers but hey 🙂

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Twenty-two Hours On A Bus

Two hours into a 22-hour bus ride from Lima to Cuzco. The movie selection? Something with George Clooney and a woman falling for him. The bus? Half empty, so why then can’t I change my seat to escape the incessant yapping of guy who just got his first cell phone? The sun? First time I’ve seen it since arriving in Lima. Lima is grey in winter. But I’m no longer in Lima. I’m somewhere south where there is sun. In fact it’s desert-like with the ocean on one side. On the IPod? Brazilian music. Always feels like carnival, samba. All is well – except for phone chatter over here. Cuzco will be a huge highlight. Cuzco, Peru. Machu Picchu. Pinch me. Go ahead and pinch me. You have my permission.

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Water And Laser Show

If you come to Lima, Peru, you must visit Parque De Las Aguas. It’s a beautiful park with dozens of spectacular water fountains that delight visitors with creative displays of water and light set to music. The highlight is a phenomenal water and laser show choreographed to music. I was treated to the show by friends of my friend Marco and was so blown away by it I returned the following night with some new friends I met in Lima, Fabio and Regina of Sao Paolo, Brazil. The second time around I filmed the entire show. Although my camera does not do this entertaining event justice, hopefully it gives you some idea of what it’s all about. Enjoy!



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