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Feria! Seville Shines During the Annual Celebration



I love a good celebration. And one that showcases a heritage of skilled horsemanship, good eating and fine spirits, well, even more.

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In the weeks following Easter, cities and towns across Spain put on festivals that highlight food, music, dance and of course regional pride.


Recently, it was Seville’s turn. And the city did not disappoint the thousands of spectators and participants who turned out


Despite the scorching temperatures. That’s  44 Celsius, or 111 degrees Fahrenheit


But I managed to find a way to keep cool 

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Took a break from all the fun in Sevilla and ventured to Alcala, at one time the place that baked Seville’s bread


Found some interesting things there, such as this tunnel that runs deep below the surface of a fortress castle built by the Moors.  I was warned by a couple of locals not to venture in because all sorts of hidden dangers lurk within its darkness. They were not specific when pressed. Maybe dragons? There is a dragon bridge nearby.


What, you didn’t believe?

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A Ship Meets A Bridge

Rust bucket ahoy!

Rust bucket ahoy!


In any given country,

you never know

what you will encounter

on a daily basis.

One minute you are strolling along a placid canal, the next you are witnessing a giant ship hitting and getting stuck under a drawbridge.

And you are standing on that bridge when it happens.

On a recent walk to the beach in Lagos, Portugal, the pedestrian drawbridge opened to make way for this workhorse of a ship, a large crane attached to its deck.

It was no ordinary pleasure boat and unusual on this canal.

It was an ugly giant that drew notice.

As I waited on the bridge for the ship to make its way through, it became clear fairly quickly that this ship was either not going to make it or it would be a very tight squeeze through the narrow passage between the bridge’s support beams.

Looked like mission impossible.

Click on the photo above to watch the video I shot and to learn how it all ends.

Frankly, after the unfolding drama, it seemed a bit comical, like keystone cops, as the men on the ship ran back and forth to guide and communicate with the captain.

Have they not heard of two-way radio?

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