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Lonely Planet’s Best Countries To Visit In 2013


Well, seems the French are the rudest to travelers, the survey says! I can’t help but wonder how the French feel about how the rest of the world views them. Perhaps their response to the rest of Earth’s inhabitants would be to tell them to go #@!#$%^!!! themselves?

I think all of France gets its bad rep from the people of Paris. But as I stated in this blog before, on my last visit to Paris some years ago, Parisians seemed to be friendlier. Problem is once you get a reputation it’s hard to shake it. Then again…

By the way, the United States comes in at Number 7. And the least rude to travelers is Brazil. Oh, those Brazilians. So happy and full of fun! :)

The World’s Rudest Nations For Travelers

1. France
2. Russia
3. United Kingdom
4. Germany
5. Other

Southern France and Italy hit by floods

In my lifetime, I’ve been to 27 percent of the world. My goal is to hit at least 50 percent by the end of this journey. Countries in red on map is where I’ve lived. The ones in green is where I’d like to go. And the ones in blue are where I’ve already been. Click this link to see the map.

Peruvian Family Claims Machu Picchu

An All-Too-Common Occurrence In India, As I Intend To Ride Its Rails

When I get to India I hope it will be smooth railing

Say Goodnight, Gracie – English Tabloid Folds

Defiant to the end, the last of the News Of The World newspaper

Birth Of A Nation – Forward South Sudan!

The people of South Sudan celebrate their split and independence from Sudan

Argentine Singer Facundo Cabral Shot Dead in Guatemala

Facundo Cabral

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